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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sun Promises To Delay Recall Vote

UPDATE, 12:35am, September 26, 2012:

The post on Mayor Sun's blog promising to appeal the recall has already been taken down, less than an hour after it was noted here on the recall blog. The link in the story below will no longer work, but copies of the mayor's post are available. Email us at if you need a copy.
As many expected, Mayor Sun announced on his blog tonight (link here) that he will appeal the recall effort if it is allowed to move forward tomorrow in court. If he appeals, getting the issue to a vote will be delayed for several weeks if not months, and probably push any hope for a public vote past the December 31st deadline the city faces with the insurance carrier.

Mayor Sun states that his reason for appealing is because he is offended that the recall committee questioned the dates he said he was attending a veteran’s reunion. The only reason the dates were an issue was because they were used to delay the recall hearing. And every delay is so costly right now. All we want is to get this issue before the voters of Pacific and let them decide if Mayor Sun should remain in office.

We want to reiterate that the committee’s concerns were with the dates Sun said he was available. In no way did we question or berate his decision to attend the reunion (more details on our concerns here and here). The recall committee, along with the rest of Pacific’s citizens, deeply appreciates Cy Sun’s service to our country. One of the freedoms that Mayor Sun fought for was the right for open, calm, civil dialogue in the public square – a freedom we cherish.

Although we disagree with the mayor, we strive for civility. We will maintain that calm, open approach despite his actions or war-like response on his blog. We will be very disappointed if Mayor Sun chooses to appeal the recall effort. The people he hurts are not the recall committee members; it’s all the citizens of Pacific.

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