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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Last Night's Council Meeting Highlights

The council meeting on Monday night began with Mayor Sun announcing that he can no longer chair the council meetings as required by law. He claimed he was being discriminated against because of his hearing impairment. Sun had picked Council Member James McMahon to conduct the meetings on his behalf, but council rules require that the mayor pro-tem (already predetermined by the council) take over when the mayor is not available. Sun said he would be in his office if needed and left the meeting. He was seen leaving the building a short time later. Mayor pro-tem Council Member John Jones took over the meeting.

During public comment Gary Van Hee congratulated the council on their courage and for filing the Writ of Mandamus. He hoped the move plays out in a positive way for the city.

Council Member Josh Putnam noted they are finally caught up with the financial statements through July. Jeanne Fancher asked for clarification about a rumor that $10 million in city funds had been lost and then found. Putman explained there was a mistake on how the money was coded in the budget. The state determines the codes and they are always changing them, so it can be hard to stay current.

Lt. Massey reported that the mayor has authorized the replacement of one officer and the recently retired evidence technician, leaving one patrol officer position still vacant. The department started a background check on an applicant for the officer and they have scheduled an oral board review for the evidence technician position.

Council Member Steiger expressed concern that the mayor wants to hire people to fill his proposed new positions, like a city administrator. He felt the mayor should fill the jobs based on current job descriptions, not try to fill proposed jobs. The council considered a motion recommending the mayor only hire for existing openings, not proposed ones. Putnam wanted to change the wording on the motion to a more positive tone. Steigner felt that being nice had not gotten the city anywhere and he felt it was time to stand up and take a strong stand. Guier felt the writ of mandate was a strong stand. The vote on the motion tied.

Council Member Gier was concerned about if/when next year’s budget would be proposed, which is due from the mayor to the council by October 1st.

Putnam announced that the city’s insurance renewal date was September 1st. The insurance company had allowed the city to renew the policy only until December 31st at a higher rate.

Washington Survey and Ratings Bureau (WSRB) had contacted Pacific’s building inspector earlier this year. WSRB rates cities for insurance companies. Their ratings determine the cost for homeowner and other insurance within the city. When the building inspector (who is out on medical/stress leave) did not respond, WSRB sent the inquiry directly to the mayor. When Sun did not respond, WSRB started the process to change Pacific’s rating from a 3 to a 99, which would have made it impossible for anyone to get insurance within the city limits.

The city attorney happened to come across a letter from WSRB, which he handed over to Sound Inspections (who the mayor has been using for building inspections without authorization from the council). Sound Inspections owner Frank Mellas explained how he was able to intervene with WSRB and convince them to not change the rating for Pacific.

The council then debated paying the outstanding bill from Sound Inspections, with concern on one hand about not rewarding the mayor's improper actions and wanting to pay this contractor who had just done such a good thing for the city. The motion to pay the bill passed by a 4-2 vote.

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