Pacific Mayor Cy Sun is destroying the city we love. He may be sincere, but his actions after one short year in office have caused almost irreparable harm.
We must act
NOW if there is any hope to save Pacific. This page details why the recall is necessary, urgent and our only hope to restore sanity to our city.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's Time To Act NOW Before It's Too Late

We are dangerously close to losing our city forever. The mayor's actions have moved far beyond quirky entertainment. Real people are facing real heartache because of his reckless disregard for the law. The city is paying the price for his actions. It's time to stop chuckling at the "crusty old man" as some have called him and take action immediately.

This flyer will be distributed around Pacific starting tomorrow. To help, please contact committee chair Tracey Apata or send a message via Facebook (here).

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