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Friday, July 27, 2012

Hearings Fiasco

One of the hearings in progress

Committee to Recall Cy Sun Coordinator Tracey Apata

Protesters outside city hall, including a musician with a new "Recall Cy" song

UPDATE: 10:56am
All four Loudermill hearings scheduled for today have concluded. It appears each of the four officers came in as soon as possible to quickly complete the hearings, despite one officer just coming off the overnight shift. All four hearings reportedly followed the same format; the mayor gaveled the hearing to an end when the union representative tried to begin the termination defense on behalf of the officers. All the police officers have returned to work for now.

Although the media was not allowed in the hearing, several microphones were outside the open windows of the meeting room. Expect to see (and hear) more on upcoming newscasts.
UPDATE: 10:33am
The second Loudermill hearing is getting underway. The union representative will attend with the officer as allowed by law. The representative described how the previous hearing went; "When I spoke, he (the mayor) ended the meeting...gavel and all."
UPDATE: 9:54am
The first Laudermill hearing was abruptly shut down by Mayor Sun because the union attended the meeting with the employee they represent. Sun contends the union has no right accompany the employee, so he stopped the hearing. The officer has returned to work for now. The union expects to repeat this process three more times for the other Loudermill hearings scheduled for this morning.

About 40 protesters walked the sidewalk in front of city hall this morning in a show of support for the police officers facing termination by Mayor Cy Sun.
UPDATE: 9:50am
The first Laudermill hearing just got underway. More updates as they become available. Sun is at the hearing without legal help, the first officer has union represenation with him.
It's 9:20am and Mayor Sun is inside his office at city hall with plenty of protesters and media outside. He didn't attend the Loudermill hearing he arranged for the first of four police officers he wants to terminate that he set for 9am today. The officers have returned to the police station for now. Members of the media opened the mayor's office door trying to get a comment, but he told them to go away. No word yet on what this means for our police department and the public safety of Pacific residents.

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