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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Decimating The Pacific Police Force

One of the officers who arrested Mayor Sun last week as the mayor tried to force his way into the city clerk's office received a pre-termination Loudermill hearing notice today. The officer is ordered to appear for the hearing day after tomorrow at city hall. More details on the purpose of a Loudermill hearing are available under Fact 5 of the previous post here.

Reliable sources confirm that the same notice has been sent to four more Pacific police officers, reducing the department from nine to four officers. The department has already been down two officers since the beginning of the year. 24-hour police coverage would not be possible under those conditions.

It is important to note that Laudermill hearings are equivalent to a pre-sentence hearing before a  judge. All the facts are to be heard and considered before making a decision. By labeling this a "pre-termination" hearing, it is clear Mayor Sun has already made up his mind to fire these officers before giving them a fair hearing.

Mayor Sun announced in his radio appearance today (details here) that he has now cleaned up the corruption at city hall by firing or encouraging the resignation of all city department heads. He said his arrest last week proves that the police department is also corrupt and needs cleaning up. If that truly is his goal, there are better (and legal) ways to accomplish that goal. Breaking the law is not a way to clean up corruption.

Decimating the police force this way not only creates a huge liability for the city for the wrongful termination of these officers, but clearly puts the safety of Pacific residents at risk. How much is enough?

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