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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Calkins' Pre-Hearing Conference

Tonight's civil service commission meeting was not the full hearing on the appeal of former Director of Public Safety John Calkins' firing. Tonight's meeting was a pre-hearing conference, originally scheduled for last month and reportedly delayed at the mayor's request because he did not have an attorney. The meeting included commissioners David Stookey, Monika Newbold, Elaine Kozanitis, Scott McIver and Don McDonough along with the commission secretary Gail Bennett and the hearing officer Gary McLean who ran the meeting. McLean is the attorney hired to advise the civil service commission.

Mayor Sun arrived before the meeting and sat alone preparing for the meeting. He was alone throughout the meeting without an attorney to represent the city. The purpose of the meeting was to set out the process for exchanging information between the parties. John Calkins was represented attorney Chris Vick.

The meeting began with Vick outlining their witness list and evidence they plan to present at the hearing. When it was Sun's turn, he searched through his stack of papers but was unable to produce anything. McLean explained the rules about what the city is required to provide prior to the hearing, including a list of witnesses and what they will testify to. Sun complained that he had fired the city attorney but the council would not cooperate with the new attorney he wanted to hire.

Vick then moved to exclude the city's evidence since the pre-hearing order had been violated. The mayor announced that his witness list included Tracy Vedder from KOMO news (who had done an in-depth investigative piece on Mr. Calkins' performance as public safety director - link to story here).

After the mayor finally produced a list of witnesses, McLean informed him that he must ensure all the witnesses appear to testify and list in advance the testimony they will provide. The commission asked the mayor to produce all the required information within the next 48 hours, noting that Calkins was prepared for tonight's meeting. After complaining that he could not reach his attorney, Sun requested a week to prepare, which the commission granted.

Another pre-hearing conference will be held (perhaps by phone) with only the hearing officer to confirm both sides have presented the proper documents. Vick stated that the city ignored two prior discovery demands (where the city was required to provide this evidence in advance of the hearing). The mayor was asked if he had any requests for material from Calkins' attorney, but he did not respond. Sun complained that he was hard of hearing and needed an attorney. The commission told him he was still required to produce the personnel file and previous investigation the city had completed on Calkins.

The pre-hearing conference is scheduled August 15th at 10am and the actual hearing is scheduled for August 21, 24 and 25.

Mayor Sun's Witness List (spellings as presented by Sun)
Tracy Vedder, KOMO News
Flygare-Scott Christine Louise, Bonney Lake
Scott Brian Christopher, Bonney Lake
Tom Jowers
Brian Aldridge
Maria Pierce
Jane Montgoment (affidavit)
Barbara Sun
Jerry Eck
Dana Hubbard, Bonney Lake Police Detective
Richardson, Jamie (DUI), Buckley
Kocher, Robrt M. (DUI arrest record)
Vienna Catalani, KOMO News
Delbert Knee, Orting
Tim Leary, attorney
Mike Mitchell,, Bonney Lake Chief of Police
Undersheriff Erik Anderson, Klickitat County Sheriff's Office
Sergant Pat Kaley (KCSO)
Wiester, Bill
Law enforcement represenative to Klickitat County insurer Canfield and Associates
Deputy Darin Rayner (PCSO)
Sgt. Ben Benson (PCSO)
Deputy Dennis Miller (PCSO)
Robert Kocher, Bonney Lake Officer
Officer Yancey, Sumner Police Dept
Tom Pickett, Canfield and Associates, Ephrata

Mayor Cy Sun preparing before tonight's civil service commission meeting.

Calkins pre-hearing conference meeting underway.

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