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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Clerk's Termination Hearing Turns Chaotic

Attorney Joan Mell, representing Pacific City Clerk Jane Montgomery, announcing  the claim for damages filed with the city today.
UPDATE: 11:22am

The three unknown men who emerged from the meeting room with Mayor Sun just prior to his abrupt departure were meeting with the mayor on an unrelated road project. The mayor did not speak to anyone as he left city hall just as Montgomery's termination hearing was scheduled to begin. His letter (here) to the city clerk states this hearing was her only chance to protest his decision to fire her - otherwise the termination would be final. It is unclear if that applies if the mayor is the party who does not appear for the hearing. Montgomery's attorney filed a claim on her behalf for damages this morning after the attempted hearing.
City Clerk Jane Montgomery was scheduled for her Loudermill hearing at 10am this morning. Even with only one day's notice, she showed up on time with her attorney to protest her termination by Mayor Cy Sun. Montgomery, along with her attorney, media cameras and others were forced to wait outside the meeting room. Shortly after 10am, Mayor Sun emerged with three unknown men. Mayor Sun immediately left the building and drove off in his car.

Montgomery's attorney has just notified the city that she is filing a claim for damages.

More details will follow as they become available.

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