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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mayor Sun Upset With Fire Department

On Friday, Mayor Cy Sun sent this letter to Valley Regional Fire Authority (VRFA) Administrator Eric Robertson objecting to a donation to the Recall campaign by the firefighters' union. Mayor Sun felt that the donation amounted to a "Kick-in-the-Head" and it was "the most humiliating and nasty overture that ever happened to me." It appears that the Mayor is contemplating his resignation from the VRFA Governance Board as a form of protest.

Mayor Sun does not understand that the firefighters' union is a separate entity from VRFA. But more importantly, he is clearly objecting to the firefighters' exercise of the 1st Amendment right to free speech. Unions have always been very active in political campaigns and this recall campaign is no different.

We believe this letter provides valuable insight to how Mayor Sun treats city employees. This correspondence offers some clues about why so many employees have left the city this year. We hear from past employees that the Mayor has created a hostile work place with his tyrannical leadership but because he has a record of suing anyone who speaks the truth about his character, they won't go on the record.

You be the judge based on the available evidence. Here's the mayor's letter to Administrator Robertson.

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