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Friday, August 31, 2012

Police Overtime Quadruples

Here is some more information that should scare everyone into getting involved in what is going on at city hall. With no chief of police, an evidence tech retired, one officer leaving the department within the month, the city is being served by less officers. Add to that the hiring freeze ordered by Mayor Sun and we have officers working more and more hours. If you need an officer, especially in a very difficult situation, would you not be served better by an officer that is not been working many more hours than he should be? What affect does the amount of hours worked have on the officer? Is it putting our officers and community in a compromised position? What about the added cost of paying overtime to cover shifts? Here are some of the numbers from the last two months (comparing 2011 to 2012):

# of OVERTIME hours from July1-Aug 31 2011............84 hours
# of OVERTIME hours from July1-Aug31 2012........353.5 hours

That is an increase of more than 4 TIMES! This is OVERTIME!

Just as a reminder, during the same period comparison on the crime statics is linked here.....

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