Pacific Mayor Cy Sun is destroying the city we love. He may be sincere, but his actions after one short year in office have caused almost irreparable harm.
We must act
NOW if there is any hope to save Pacific. This page details why the recall is necessary, urgent and our only hope to restore sanity to our city.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

It Has Begun

Attorney Jeff Helsdon is reviewing the complaint with Denise Whitaker of KOMO News
After hundreds of hours in preparation, the formal recall process is officially underway. Attorney Jeff Helsdon has been  meeting with reporters to outline the many, many details of Mayor Sun's offenses. Committee chairman Don Thomson will be signing the formal complaint in just a few minutes in front of city hall. The full complaint will then be filed with the county elections office.

The full complaint is available here... The 200+ pages of supporting material will be posted soon.

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