Pacific Mayor Cy Sun is destroying the city we love. He may be sincere, but his actions after one short year in office have caused almost irreparable harm.
We must act
NOW if there is any hope to save Pacific. This page details why the recall is necessary, urgent and our only hope to restore sanity to our city.

Friday, December 14, 2012

One Man Destruction

The editorial (link here) in the News Tribune today is a great summation of the sad state of affairs in our fair city. The editorial notes that watching one man singlehandly destroy a city is a lesson for the text books. It is much more tragic than a simple civics lesson for those of us who love Pacific.

In the end, either Sun resigns or he ensures the destruction of our city in just a few days. Either way he will not be mayor much longer. We may not have time to recall Mayor Sun. It's time for Mayor Sun to resign NOW.

The editor's note on his blog about trying to understand Sun's side of the issues offers great insight into why we are in this mess. You can read it here...

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