Pacific Mayor Cy Sun is destroying the city we love. He may be sincere, but his actions after one short year in office have caused almost irreparable harm.
We must act
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Friday, November 9, 2012

Cross-Appeal Filed

After Pacific Mayor Cy Sun appealed the recall petition, the committee has filed an appeal of their own in court today - asking the Washington State Supreme Court to reinstate the dismissal of some of the charges against Sun and urging an expedited review. The paperwork filed today is available via this link here...

The committee had no choice but to pursue this arduous and very costly alternative after Mayor Sun appealed, despite his numerous statements that he would welcome a vote by the citizens of Pacific. Both appeals are made directly to the state's highest court and involve many more hours of costly attorney time, preparation and arguments. The recall committee has retained the law firm of Oldfield & Helsdson, who successfully shepherded the recall of Pierce County Assessor Dale Washam. The recall process is complex, cumbersome and challenging - and almost impossible to negotiate without expert help. The committee must now raise another $15,000 to complete this step in the process.

It is unclear how Mayor Sun is paying for his legal team. Under state law, he must follow the same fund raising rules as the recall committee. His lawyers cannot charge the City of Pacific for any work they do on the recall campaign, although it is unclear if anyone from the City is allowed to review their invoices. Donations are limited to $900 per person and must be documented with the donor's name, address and employer filed with the Public Disclosure Commission. The recall campaign has been carefully following these rules, despite how limiting they have been. Meanwhile, Sun supporters are listing his attorney's names on local news web sites encouraging anonymous donations of any amount. It has not been an even playing field to date.

It is time for all the citizens of Pacific to step up to the plate and get involved. If every voter in Pacific donated just $6, we could cover this additional cost needed to fight Sun's appeal and get this issue out for a vote. We have to be willing to put our name on the line and take a stand to save our city. All this effort is to allow a vote on the recall, not kick Mayor Sun out of office. That decision will be made by the voters. Please help us give the citizens of Pacific that choice.

Donations can now be made at the Columbia Bank at 41st and A Streets, but please fill out the disclosure form when you make your donation. Thank you for your help and support in this important effort. It is vital that we allow Pacific residents the chance to vote as soon as possible.

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